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They Love Us

Fossil Ridge is the best vet I've ever been to! They are so compassionate about what they do, and they cater to you or your animal's needs. I have a particularly difficult dog, and most vets in the past have just handled her themselves and it's been very traumatic for her as she has trust issues.

They let me handle everything so they can do their jobs, and it ends up being easier on all of us and we end up leaving happy. I live in Longmont and I will continue to make the drive to this vet for my dog, because they are THAT awesome. Their prices for everything are also very affordable.

Jorgia E.

Working with Dr. Jill Welch and staff if always a good experience. My dog is a rescue and fearful of new surroundings. Dr. Welch takes the time needed to help make her feel more comfortable. She also supports local rescues!

Pamela M.

They're very helpful when you're in a tight spot. We rescued some kittens from a bad situation and they helped us get with the right people to get vaccines and spays done. They are very reasonably priced and helpful. The staff work with my dog every time she's in; she's very fearful but they are patient with her and she has learned to like them. Would highly recommend them to any pet parent.

Sydney M.

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